Blink Metrics Early Access

Everybody wants a fancy dashboard to keep an eye on all parts of their business, right?

But you’re a small business owner juggling way too many things to tackle a business intelligence project.
And every tool in this space has a “contact sales for pricing” so you know it’s astronomical pricing and likely involves data lock-in.
Blink Metrics is built for the small business owner who needs
  • centralized reporting for their business
  • a solution that communicates with all the online services your team uses
  • to get this up and running without investing weeks of time


Schedule 30 minutes with me so I can understand your business and if Blink Metrics would work for you. During Early Access, we’re doing all the heavy lifting for you. So if you’re a fit, you’ll sign off this Zoom call and we’ll do all the setup for you so you can move on with your day!

Talk to you soon,